This weekend has been productive. I have caught up on sleep, gotten my eating routine back to normal (ie. not eating more than I can carry), and gotten my running back into gear. Saturday afternoon I went for an run with Lena around False Creek. False Creek is a body of water that divides Vancouver and isn’t actually a Creek, hence the name (those funny Canadians!). Anyway, it’s pretty big, approx 5-6km in width. We decided that we were going to run around it, for shits and giggles. I was really excited to see how I would do as I haven’t gone for a long run since the half marathon back in March (actually, that’s a lie, I recently ran a 10km, but anyway). It was cool, dry and overcast, perfect running conditions, including the paths being pretty clear of pedestrians. And you know what? I rocked it. A good and sometimes challenging pace and no need to stop and catch my breath. An hour and ten minutes later I had run almost 12kms. BOOYAH. Extremely proud of myself, especially as I have an 8 mile (12.8km) run coming up in November, which I now know I am going to own. 

Other than rocking the run, I also had a very social weekend. After the awesome half-half marathon, I rewarded myself by meeting the girls and going to the Goorin Brothers hat store in Yaletown for, what I thought was, their opening party. Turns out, it wasn’t, and it was in fact just a party, because everybody loves a party. Excellent! It’s always easier to sell (especially something specific such as a hat) when the customer has a mild impulsiveness boost due to some free intoxication. Great fun had by all, and when the martini fountain had run dry, we thanked profusely and said that we would think about the hats and return with a clearer mind to make a purchase. We didn’t want any one night stand hat guilt. 

We jumped on a skytrain and made our way down to the Waterfront and went to The Cambie. Ah The Cambie. Cheap, reliable, and no frills attached. Several cheap drinks later and many rounds of various drinking games, we danced our way out and called it a night. Singing our way to the crepe house, chomping on said victory crepe, kisses goodbye, and off we went home for a well-earned lie in. 

Sunday arrived and so did the last Summer Farmer’s Market in Kitsilano. And the day could not have been more perfect. A clear blue sky and the sun on our backs. We strolled around trying the apples, pears, peaches and breads that all the local farmers spend their summers preparing for. Filling up on healthy goodness we finally wove our way to the gluten-free stall where we indulged in some guilt-free brownies with worry-free frosting. H.E.A.V.E.N. We continued on and took a walk through the residential streets, snapping away at the different Halloween clad houses; something that people have way too much time, energy, and free money for. We’re in a recession people! Made our way to 4th Ave and specifically to Aphrodite’s Cafe, a place I have been wanting to try for a while. It’s an organic lunch cafe where they specialise in more guilt/worry/anxiety/lovehandle/tummy/thunderthigh-free delicacies, focusing on sweet pies. A pumpkin slice for Amanda, a blueberry slice for me, and a chocolate and raspberry cream slice for Karin. They…. they were so… oh my god… I just cannot describe… pictures… justice…

Slipping in and out of our food comas, we decided not to make a scene at the table and thought it was perhaps time to make our way home. After a healthy walk home I felt my digestion rebooting itself and get to work on the mountain of awesome in my belly. More kisses goodbye, a smooch hello to my bed and a hug for my duvet, and I was gone to the world for the afternoon. A delicious weekend. 

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